Romans 6:23


God loves us and we matter to Him. He made us to have a relationship with him.



We have a problem. We have rebelled against God. Both actively and passively, we’ve all disobeyed Him. This is sin and it has separated us from God, and broken off the relationship. In our effort get back to Him, we try many things like being a helpful neighbor, paying our taxes, going to church, etc. There’s nothing wrong with these, but the Bible makes it clear that none of them can earn us God’s forgiveness or re-establish our relationship with Him. In addition, the sins we’ve committed must be punished, and the penalty we owe is death, which means both physical death as well as spiritual separation from God for eternity, in a place called hell.


God has a remedy for our sin and it came by His Son Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. When Christ voluntarily died on the cross, he took our place. He paid the penalty for our sins and bridged the Gap for us.


Christ made it possible to cross over to God and have a relationship with him, but we need to take action that demonstrates that we believe in what Christ has done for us. Praying to God we need to agree with God that we have sinned and receive Jesus as payment for our sins. He paid the price so we could have the gift of eternal life through faith in him. Our relationship with God is firmly established, because we’re immediately adopted into His family as His son or daughter.

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